The concept behind this cosmetic brand is rare but imperative! Troubled with toxic chemicals found commonly in makeup products, the idea to create better makeup products that use good-for-skin & natural ingredients yet deliver high performance.


“The world doesn’t need more makeup brands but better ones. That’s what drives us. To create better products that have good for skin ingredients, do not use bad stuff like paraben, siloxanes, SLS, synthetic perfumes etc. and have deeply pigmented formulations that can last long."

For you, With you.

"We work with Indian women to understand what is missing from their makeup & co-create products with them, for them.” she adds.

Packed clean beauty concept during world backpacking tour

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Ainara co-founded Belora after she was exposed to the concept of clean beauty during her world backpacking tour five years back. She found makeup in Europe that was made of great skincare ingredients and yet delivered high impact.

Wellness at the core

When she decided to start a company that would create good-for-you wellness products along with her Co-Founder, they worked to bring this clean concept to Indian market in form of Belora Cosmetics.


“We have a singular aim to offer high quality makeup that marries good skincare formulations to high colour payoff & long staying power. Our research shows that women associate makeup with various emotions – fun, empowerment, playfulness & glam. But it shouldn’t come at the expense of their skin’s health. That’s the genesis of our brand - beauty that’s guilt free & glamorous.”

Story of her life

She is driven to create better makeup products that fulfill the untapped needs of Indian women. Five years back, life took a turn. After she was diagnosed with thyroid issues, she did what everyone does. Visited doctors for medication. One of the top doctors in the country kept repeating to change her lifestyle. She started with the easiest option - she changed her doctor.

When healthy lifestyle comes calling

However, the realisation soon sunk in that the road to recovery doesn’t lie in medication but lifestyle changes. First step was healthy food, & gradually she started adopting healthier lifestyle across everything including her skincare & makeup regime. This led her to deeply researching the harmful ingredients that are present in cosmetic products and work towards removing them.

Safe beauty champion

Her fitness obsession knows no bounds. Infact today she is a certified fitness instructor besides being a champion for safe cosmetics.
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