007 Monaco Mocha (Dark Brown) - World Matte Popsicle

Lip lightening I Air light tech I Hydrating
₹ 499.00 ₹ 374.00
  • Contains Vitamin C that lightens the lips gradually.
  • Has lip loving oils and butters that hydrates and softens the lips.
  • 100% matte yet non drying.
  • Ultra long lasting and light as air.
Good to know:
IFRA certified
vitamin C
lip lightening
100% matte
Made Safe certified I Dermatologically tested I Vegan I Non-toxic I Cruelty free.

Presenting to you the world’s first long lasting lipsticks formulated with Vitamin C to make your lips lighter. Your perfect lip color dreams are sure to come true with these 100% matte yet non-drying popsicles! Pure matte that guarantees 0% shine. Pure matte that is hydrating. What’s more? You can apply Vaseline on top and bam! You have glossy lips now. 

Have you too wanted the world to swoon over your impeccable lips and yet forget you have a shade on? Give these bullets a try that are infused with a special air light technology. These are formulated with vegan oils, waxes, butter and vitamins that nourishes and moisturizes your lips leaving them smoother, suppler and lighter, gradually. Also, they don’t contain any nasties like paraben or carmine, so you can be rest assured we are harmless to you and your little non-human friends.

Coming in twenty varied shades and IFRA certified soft fragrances, we offer something for your every mood. Get your style statement right with the unique, compact design that allows you to fit it wherever and use it whenever.


Waxes are used in lipsticks to help provide barrier against harmful environmental stressors, seal moisture on the lips and keep the color intact. 

Waxes used:

Candelilla wax – this nourishing wax forms a barrier and prevents the lips from losing its moisture.

Ozokerite wax – provides strength and stability to the lipstick so it never crumbles or breaks in half.

Carnauba wax – promotes long stay and keeps lipstick from melting.



Oils are moisturizing for the lips, provide barrier against the weather and mix well with waxes to form a smooth spreadable mixture.

Oils used:

Castor oil – prevents water loss and provides deep hydration

Jojoba oil – soothes dry and chapped lips, leaving them feeling soft and smooth



Butters are responsible for a stable mixture that is solid at room temperature and yet glides and melts on the lips. They are also designed to moisturize and protect the lips.

Butter used : 

Shea Butter – softens the lips and provides anti-ageing benefits like reducing lip lines and pigmentation.



Vitamin C – reduces pigmentation and aids in brightening of the lips (not applicable for damage caused while smoking)

Vitamin E - boosts circulation and promotes regeneration of cells, making the lips softer and healthier.


IFRA certified fragrance

Because sometimes you accidentally ‘eat’ the lipstick, be assured there is nothing harmful in it.


Net content- 4.2 gm

Exfoliate your lips and apply a balm/Vaseline. (Optional but effective if you have dry lips)

Let the Vaseline absorb for a few mins and remove excess. (Optional)

Outline your lips with the sharp edges of the lipstick. 

Start applying the lipstick from the middle and gradually go to the sides.

Press your lips to blend perfectly.

007 Monaco Mocha (Dark Brown) - World Matte Popsicle
₹ 374.00
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